Pattaya, the jewell of Thailands tourism. Day Turns into night, Where fantasy reigns supreme.

A Chinese legend about the Beautiful Chrysanthamum. Imperial China. Beautiful Cheoragraphy. Featuring the Ribbon Dance.

More Italian, than The Italians Clap along with the Saucy girls in this To Lapping Italian Romp.

I am What I am take me or leave me.. I am What I am. Glamourous, Confident. out staningly beautiful. I change before your Very eyes.

Bollywood glamour. The Maharaja holds court. Beautiful Danceing girls, slaves to his every wish and command. Costumes and Scenery in Wonderful Bollywood Style.

National pride. We have it here in Song and dance, Vietnam has it all in Song and dance.

Traditional Korea, Updated. Korean Drums, traditional korean dancing. A much beloved traditional song to an upbeat tempo.

Hauntingly romantic. Another place, another Time?

Look through the mirror of Time at glamourous France in a Bygone age.

The Thai legend Comes to life with beautiful Thai Dancing and breathaking Thai Costumes and Scenery.

Russian favourites, glamourously Dressed dancers kick up there heels agains a background of Russian history.

The best is left till last. Glamour, beauty. What it is to be a Tiffany's Star. It all comes to lift and under-standing in the Fabulous Finale to a glittering Nights entertainment.

How does he do it. A trick, deception at its best. This is pure theatre. Marvel at his performance?